How Much Does a Pool Enclosure Cost in 2024?

Most homeowners can expect to spend between $6,335 and $19,665 on a new pool enclosure.

A pool enclosure can make keep your swimming spot free of bugs, debris, and harsh sunlight. On average, most homeowners spend $12,060 on a new pool enclosure, with a typical price range of $6,335 to $19,665. You can find some for as low as $2,235, but the high-end enclosures average around $61,035.

Enclosures are most commonly installed permanently for in-ground pools, but temporary enclosures and ones for above-ground pools are also not unheard of. The cost of any kind of pool enclosure depends on many different factors. This pricing guide details the cost of your pool enclosure based on your pool’s size, the pool enclosure’s material, and more.

Average Costs of a Pool Enclosure

At an average price of $12,060, a pool enclosure is quite the pricey project for a homeowner. If you want to get closer to the $2,235 low-end cost, you can explore options like choosing more affordable materials and skipping additional items that drive up the price.

On the other hand, if you have more room in your budget to get closer to the $61,035 high-end cost, you can go for high-quality materials and fancy add-ons.

Cost Estimator by Pool Enclosure Size

Pool enclosure
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One of the biggest factors that will affect the installation costs of your pool enclosure is its size and, by extension, that of your pool area. The bigger your pool size and the enclosure, the higher the price. The cost per square foot ranges from $9 to $122, so even if you get only a small enclosure, you’re looking at a hefty bill.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Of course, size is far from the only factor that will affect the cost of your pool enclosure installation. Other factors affecting the cost of your pool enclosure include its material, roof shape, and whether or not you opt for a retractable enclosure. 


Your pool enclosure’s material will influence its price. There are three basic materials you can choose from; screen mesh, polycarbonate, and glass panes. Each one has its own price point, advantages, and disadvantages.

This chart compares the average square footage cost and the typical cost range for a 700-square-foot enclosure made of the three basic materials:

MaterialPrice per square footCost for 700 square feet
Screen Mesh$6 – $20$4,200 – $14,000
Polycarbonate$18 – $123$12,600 – $86,100
Glass$30 – $68$21,000 – $47,600

Screen Mesh

At $6 to $20 per square foot, screen mesh is the most affordable option when it comes to the material for a pool’s enclosure. However, it does have a few disadvantages. For example, grass clippings can be an issue when you mow your lawn, and some small animals may try to get through the mesh. 

These issues can be solved with a vinyl-coated fiberglass screen called Florida Glass, which can also be installed as a privacy screen.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using screen mesh as a pool enclosure:


  • More affordable than other materials.
  • Keeps out insects, large debris, and UV rays.
  • Allows for a nice breeze.


  • Degrades and will eventually need replacement.
  • Does not extend the swimming season.
  • Does not insulate.
  • Small debris may enter the pool enclosure, such as grass clippings
  • Small animals may find their way inside the pool enclosure


Polycarbonate offers the widest range of prices, from $18 to $123 per square foot. However, it’s also the most durable and flexible, and for this reason is a common choice for retractable enclosures. Polycarbonate is a great insulator, making it a good choice in climates that experience snow that would otherwise prevent you from using your pool.

Here are some of the pros and cons of using polycarbonate as a pool enclosure:


  • 250 times stronger than glass
  • Withstands heavy snow, winds, and rain
  • Lengthens the swimming season
  • Can make an outdoor pool feel like an indoor pool


  • No airflow
  • Requires a dehumidifier


At $30 to $68 per square foot, glass panels are something of a medium option when it comes to price. Glass keeps out debris and unwanted wildlife as well as some UV rays and works as a good insulator. However, glass is famously fragile and rather inflexible, meaning that design choices are more limited than screen mesh or polycarbonate.


  • Good insulator
  • Withstands heavy weather
  • Lengthens the swimming season


  • No airflow
  • Requires a dehumidifier
  • Not as strong or as good of an insulator as polycarbonate
  • Not flexible

Roof shape

Another factor that will affect the cost of your pool enclosure is the shape of its roof. The classic flat roof is most certainly an option, but there are also others, such as the mansard roof, gable roof, or sloped roof. Each roof type has its own complexities, which will add a different amount to the overall cost of your pool enclosure.

Retractable pool enclosures

A big factor that will affect the cost of your pool’s enclosure is whether or not it’s retractable. Retractable pool enclosures are ones that can collapse into themselves to open up and improve airflow.

On average, retractable pool enclosures cost between $35,000 and $165,000, quite a bit more than a standard pool enclosure. They come in automatic and manual varieties, with automatic being more expensive than manual.

Both types of pool enclosures retract in one of two ways: The roof alone can retract while the walls stay in place, or the entire enclosure is built with a telescopic design that allows it to collapse into itself.

Above-ground pool enclosures

Although most enclosures are made for in-ground pools, there are enclosures for above-ground pools as well. They’re much more affordable than in-ground pool enclosures, with an average price of $635 to $1,350. Most above-ground pool enclosures are dome-shaped and attached to the pool’s rim.

Pool enclosure doors

Any in-ground pool enclosure will also need a door. Screen doors for pool enclosures usually go for $75 to $425, and polycarbonate storm doors cost between $185 and $1,000.


If you have extra room in your budget, you can install some lighting in your pool enclosure so that you can enjoy your pool after dark. Lighting makes pools safer and more appealing, which will further increase the value they add to the home.

On average, installing lighting and electricity in your pool enclosure will add $800 to $2,250 to the total cost of the project.

You can also add lighting to the rest of your outdoor space if you don’t have it already. Landscape lighting projects cost an average of $3,500 and have a typical range of $2,100 to $4,900.

Extended HVAC system

Another add-on you can install in your glass or polycarbonate pool enclosure is a heating system. Heating will extend the time you can use your pool year-round and further increase its value. To add heating to an enclosure, you can extend your home’s existing HVAC system, which typically costs around $1,000, but may be more in the case of larger enclosures.

If you want to heat the water itself, you can also install a pool heater. The cost of a pool heater typically ranges between $1,718 and $4,426. If you do install a pool heater, take care that you properly maintain it and turn it off when you’re not using your pool.

Related Services

While you’re shopping for a pool enclosure, there are a few other services or outdoor features that you might want to consider. Few of these are required for your pool or enclosure, but can be nice to have and may enhance your enjoyment of your pool. They can also further add to the value of your home.


If you’re getting a new pool enclosure, you might need to rework your yard’s landscaping to repair damages that may occur during the installation. You might also simply dislike the look of the old landscaping alongside the pool enclosure or feel that it’s in need of a change.

Regardless of the reason, reworking your outdoor space’s landscaping can go great with a new pool enclosure. The price depends on what you’re getting done, but on average, professional landscaping costs between $3,300 and $13,200. You can also try xeriscaping, a form of landscaping designed to conserve water. Professional xeriscaping costs range between $10,000 and $19,000.

Outdoor kitchen

Another great feature to have while you’re designing your outdoor space is an outdoor kitchen. Pizza ovens, grills, smokers, and seating areas, like barstools and an island, can turn your backyard into a chef’s paradise.

On average, an outdoor kitchen costs between $5,060 and $17,280. Like most anything else, however, the price will depend on the extent of the project.  

Fire pit

A fire pit is an affordable way to light up your outdoor space and make it feel warm and cozy. You can hire a professional to install one permanently in the ground or buy a portable variety at your local home improvement store. On average, a fire pit costs between $250 and $2,200.


A pergola is an outdoor structure that doesn’t have a solid roof and instead has beams or rafters that partially cover the space while still allowing sunlight to shine through. Pergolas are good for giving you some shelter in your outdoor space while still keeping it free and open. Professionally installed, a pergola costs $2,100 to $6,000 on average.

Pool installation

A pool enclosure isn’t much good without a pool to enclose. Installing a pool carries quite the hefty cost, but thankfully there are ways you can keep the price down. Installing an in-ground pool costs an average of $32,408 to $60,873, while a semi in-ground pool costs less with an average price of $6,500 to $24,750.

Pools need occasional maintenance, which will carry its own price point. On average, professional pool maintenance costs between $2,000 and $4,035 annually, and specific treatments or repairs will add even more. Pools also come with various other miscellaneous costs such as replacing pool water lost to evaporation.

Hot tub

If you want a nice soak in some hot water, you can also install a hot tub either inside or outside your pool enclosure. Hot tubs can be a great place to unwind, especially on a cool night. On average, professional hot tub installation costs between $4,500 and $10,000.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

While it is possible to DIY a pool enclosure, it is not recommended. This is a large, difficult, and expensive project. One mistake can bring it all tumbling down and lead to injury for you or anyone who might be helping you. 

If you must try DIY, you can purchase a pool enclosure kit that will provide everything you need, though these may be hard to find. In general, it’s still best to hire a professional for the job. 

Kits are also limited in design and size options, so for a pool enclosure that best suits your pool, it’s still recommended to get a custom one installed.

Cost of a Pool Enclosure by Location

The price of any home improvement project will depend on your location, and a pool enclosure is no different. If contractors have to travel a significant distance or materials have to be shipped, the price of your enclosure is likely to increase. In addition, people in areas with a higher cost of living can expect their pool enclosure to cost more as a result.

There will also be costs specific to your area. Building a pool enclosure requires a building permit, which will cost money.

FAQ About Pool Enclosures

Is installing a pool enclosure worth it?

At the end of the day, whether or not a pool enclosure is worth the cost is subjective. If you have the extra money and spend a lot of time in your pool, then it might be worth enclosing it, especially if you have problems with debris or animals. On the other hand, if you don’t use your pool as often, it might not be worth the cost for a pool enclosure.

However, if you’re planning to sell the house, a pool enclosure can add to the value of your home and introduce an additional selling point.

Will a pool enclosure prevent sunburn?

Partially, yes. Polycarbonate and glass pool enclosures can block some of the harmful UV rays that cause sunburn, but not all of them. Proper sun precautions, such as sunscreen, should still be taken while spending any significant amount of time in your outdoor space regardless of your pool enclosure.

How long do pool enclosures last?

Barring any kind of accident that ruins a pool enclosure, they generally last between five and 25 years when they’re properly maintained.

Find a Pro to Build Your Pool Enclosure

At an average price of $12,060 and a typical price range of $6,335 to $19,665, a pool enclosure is one of the more costly home improvement projects. But it can make all the difference when you’re enjoying your pool.

If you want a new pool enclosure but aren’t sure how to go about getting one, PoolGnome connects you to the best pool enclosure builders in your area.

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